Biloxi DoD

The Traitor's Gambit
Prelude to Defiance, Session One

Session First:

I had three players show up for character creation. They were my good friends Ed and Josh, and a newcomer (but wonderful player) Dan. I am not revealing their character backgrounds right now, because I don't want them to read this and spoil the surprise. I assure you, the reader, that as they learn more about each other, it will come out here. Here's what they came up with:

Ed is playing Gavin Zrack, a Human Scoundrel. He is more roleplaying than combat, focusing on computer slicing and Deception. He is a smuggler of sorts, owner of the party ship, The Jaded Trickster. It is a homebrew vessel that I came up with, the Sorosuub RK-7i. How he came into its possession, that’s a longer tale…

Dan is playing Vasii, a Jawa Scout. No, there isn’t anything wrong with your computer monitor, I said a Jawa Scout. I ruled that the other two communicate with him through speaking Bocce, which is a trade language. He has taken the Long Stride talent to keep up with the party, and he’s very Stealthy. He intends to modify existing equipment with the Outlaw Tech abilities out of Scum and Villany.

Josh is playing a Human Soldier, going by the pseudonym of Dean. The rest of the group is fairly certain that he has something to hide, but no one has pressed him for tales of his past. Right now he is content with his frontline combat role, but I know in the future he would like to get into starfighter combat.

The game opens on Sel Zonn station, one of two dozen depots in orbit around the Core planet Brentaal. Gavin has been aboard station for a few weeks already. Setting the Trickster down for repairs, and leaving, he came back later to discover that the ship had been flagged on an old smuggling charge and impounded, and he was now at large on Sel Zonn with no way off the station. Dean arrived via passenger liner, having paid for a ticket, and Vasii was stowed away in the engine compartment, having not paid for his.
From here, Vasii and Dean, unaware of each other, venture out onto the station's Promenade. Too bad for the many shopkeepers on Sel Zonn, neither of them had a single credit to their names. They were each running on empty, hoping to look for work in various shades of grey. While they were taking in the sights, Gavin, diguised as an older gentleman (hair color and a false moustache) attempted unsuccessfully to slice the station computer for information.
The indivdual characters, killing time on the Promenade, notice a pair of men, who look out of place in the crowd. Gavin also notices the bulge of concealed pistols, and Dean makes out that their whispering to themselves, talking into concealed commlinks. A woman bursts out onto the scene at this point, raven-haired and dressed in greasy mechanic's coveralls. She clutches a bad belly wound, limping toward Gavin. "Help me, please. Theirs money in it for you if you just help me." Gavin has a whispered conversation with the woman, learning that she can help him off of the station, but the men chasing her are bad, and she won't escape them without help. Tempted by the cash, he takes up a defensive posture. At this time, a pair of stormtroopers run up and declare the woman under arrest in the name of the Emporer.
Dean is right next to one of the troopers, just a bystander, when he draws a heavy blaster pistol and puts a blaster bolt through his helmet, dropping him instantly. the troopers partner shhots and missed Dean in the heat of the moment. Meanwhile a little down the corridor, Gavin threw the wounded girl behind cover and warned her sternly to stay down. He drew his pistol and waited. The plainclothed men advanced on their position, and drew their pisols, aiming them at Gavin and Maya. Gavin brought his weapon up over the barrier and snapped off a shot, burning one of the undercover men down where he stood. Vasii, unnoticed at this juncture (due to Stealth) took a shot at a stormtrooper with his pistol, missing. The stormtrooper and Dean trade shots, scoring a hit on the soldier before going down. Gavin barks at the first man's partner. "Don't move or your next!" He made the mmistake of attempting vengeance for his partner and firing on Gavin, who responded, killing the other man. The group didn't waste time with introductions. They grabbed a stormtrooper's carbine and the two pistols and the plainclothed men's ID cards, and took off for the safety of the woman's apartment.

Well, its late, and I have work in the morning, so I'll post the rest of session one tomorrow.


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